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WOMEN’S COFFEE is a health coffee containing 18 ingredients which help women to stay healthy round the clock 365 days by providing necessary nutrients and anti-oxidants which balances her during all the natural changes happening in her body.


Kunyit , vit C , pueraria lobta , garcinia Cambogia , Halia , Stevia , Marrine Collagen, Manjakani , Serapat , Sireh , Kacip Fatimah, Malberry , Pomogranate , Acai Berry, Madu (honey)


·        Tighten and shrink the nerves of the uterus, control the dysmenorrheal, restore internal wounds, control the vaginal irritation, balance and control vaginal moisture.

·        Melt menstruation, solve the problems of whiteness,eliminate bad breath and body smell.

·        Smoothen the skin and prevent aging.

·        Healthy heart, lose weight, keep skin healthy.

·        Strengthen relationship of husband and wife.

·        Restore gastric in body.

·        Anti-inflammatory, boosts the immune system and blood circulation.

·        Additional energy for women.



Drink one sachet a day (early morning as first food) for first three consecutive days for better results. From the fourth day on wards ½ a sachet daily (morning) is enough.

Advised to mix one sachet powder with 200 ml of water at a temperature of 80-85 degree centigrade to ensure that the herbal content in Women's Coffee remains active. The molecules in the herbs may not get properly activated at a temperature above 90 degree centigrade. Consume 3 liters of plain water daily. Eating fruits may bring quick results.

Special Note: Drink for three days in a row or in alternate days to feel visible changes.

QUANTITY : 300gm ( 25gm X 12 sachets )

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